Connecting People through Stories

Connecting with each other is one of our most basic and meaningful human needs.  When we truly connect, we form a powerful bond that is hard to break.  Connecting is also an absolute necessity for successful organizations and businesses.  The ability to effectively tell your story and share your vision with clients, employees, and supporters leads to one of the most powerful drivers of behavior – belief.  When we connect with and believe in a cause, an organization, or a business, we will do almost anything to support it.  

Founded by Emmy Award Winning Journalist Sally Showman, Heartprint Productions provides professional video storytelling services with the goal of establishing trust and confidence in your organization that leads to action.

Why Choose Heartprint?


We understand the power in connecting.

With your clients. With your employees. With your supporters.



We will help you find your story.

And give it a compelling voice.



We will make people care.

About your story. Your cause. Your brand.



We bring unmatched storytelling expertise.

From an Emmy Award Winning Journalist.



We’ll move your audience to action.

Because just watching a story is not enough.

Learn more about how Heartprint Productions can capture and communicate your story.