Who we are in a snapshoT

Heartprint Productions is a video storytelling agency that leverages the power of human connection to inspire, engage & motivate people to take action.



We help businesses and organizations powerfully capture and communicate their story by creating engaging visual content that connects them with a larger audience. Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest - Portland, OR - Heartprint Productions will thoughtfully and effectively frame your story to have lasting impact. 


What People Are Saying

"As she helps them share their stories in a way that’s genuinely empowering, Sally also brings keen research ability, diligent attention to detail, a deft editing hand, and deep production knowledge to consistently deliver engaging content that informs and inspires audiences."  -Alexis Anderson, Director of Development at Donate Life Northwest

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THE Definition of a heartprint

A heartprint is the indelible impression left behind by a story that captivates our minds and hearts. Stories have the power to change behavior. We will help you find yours and tell it in a way that leverages the power of human connection to inspire, engage, and motivate people to take action.